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Why what one thinks is one way turns out to be the exact opposite?

Let’s use our days wisely as days are scarce.

What keeps one stuck on a daily bases are opposed things that one thinks are correct when they are incorrect. For example, a person might think that driving a motor vehicle is fun when it can be fun, but not always, in other words it depends on how it’s weighed. If a motor vehicle is driven properly, and safely then it can be fun, whereas if it’s driven recklessly it can be fatal. That is where responsibility and wisdom come in. When what one thinks is one way can be the exact opposite depending on how it’s weighed in Christ’s Truth.

To move forward is to start afresh that is why it’s a new day every day and there are twenty-four hours for a full day or twelve hours for a half day.

- G.S.MinistrDef


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