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Why it’s better to give the person the benefit of the assumption? “Loose assumptions result in over

suspension that results in unnecessary divisions.”

– G.S.MinistrDef –

Why domination is not practical, but self organizing systems are practical?

“The dominating entities are not practical because they don’t tend to the local and individual needs, but the giant corporate's desires for those they are trying to dominate.” - G.S.MinistriesNotes
The self organizing functional systems are selfless systems that benifit those who contribute to that system and the ones that don't contribute don't get the the reward from God. - G.S.MinistrDef

What is rebellion simply put?

Rebellion is that which goes against The Holy Scriptures and the Word of Life that Yahweh (Jesus) taught! - G.S.MinistrDef
Self control realizes that it is a willful decision and a self will that find the purpose that God almighty has and follows that true calling even if others who don’t understand make fun of it.
Domination is as manipulation and control and it will always fall apart at some point that is why it is unstable and deceptive.


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