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Rise above the thinking that keeps a thing tied down. It’s time to rise up into The Lord’s Truth!

How to properly institute something?

  1. God made things to be beautiful and to work in His unity! Success is to stay humble and lowly even if one has extreme gifts and talents!

  2. Avoid the ways of the proud haughty spirit that entraps and ensnares defeat. Before evil there was beauty. So what caused ugliness to occur?...The Bible says pride.

  3. Stay humble and lowly even if one has extreme gifts and talents! It’s understood that there are a bunch of well talented and smart ones out there. It is understood that there are many good looking, and extremely good ones at doing sports of Christian kinds!

  4. Even if one doesn’t know that it’s understood that they have hidden talents and beauty from the inside out. Ask Christ to show and pray. Even as before a butterfly becomes a butterfly it is a caterpillar. It doesn’t look good as a caterpillar. Then it goes through the metamorphosis of becoming a butterfly in its cocoon, and it appears to look worse. Then at the end the beautiful butterfly comes out. The same is true with a swan and a human life!

  5. Stay encouraged, so talents don’t get lost, and are used to its true ability that Christ Has wanted! Exercise Wisdom! -Devotional.Def


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