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'Maintenance is to maintain as “The Just is to the nobility of Jesus.”' - G.S

Keep steadfast in prayer and fervent in pursuit of the truth that holds together the way Christ holds together.

Don’t let things take a toll by way of knowing Christ has it all. It is best not to adopt worldly ideologies or illusions of earthly fake satisfaction. Mutual respect, empathy, and love are things to remember as entropy is only a temporary state for those in Christ as a passing time. Don’t settle for mediocrity, but rather for Christ’s absolute best plan, for He cares more than one can comprehend and He is honored and respected “The Most High God Yahweh!”Jesus, we praise Jesus!

To cope is to release it all to God!

Really good things take a time in his excellent way! No stagger but real awe and wonder as He does the service!

Praise Yahweh!



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