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Excel in actual productivity; excelling action (positivity) amongst trials.

  1. Time to properly excel in actual productivity that renders the proper positivity.

    1. Let’s go over some ways to excel over the jumble. When a ugly moment is chasing to hinder, that is when one feels compelled to act, and to excel in proper growth. Sometimes thoughts are all jumbled up. That is why it’s time to untangle the jumbled up thoughts in the mind, conscious, and connect to true communication to understand the subconscious thoughts. Thoughts jumbled up then need to be extracted, and then more understanding can occur. It is best not to think about unhealthy things!

    2. As we spin through a round earth, days, weeks, and years pass as a zero digit completes. Mathematics also shows that zero is equal to [(two)=] one whole product as a circuit and a circular motion is. In systems, two parts are equal to one as there are two parts to a product of function!(-As systems). Seek a solution even when stuck; how intellect is a given gift from God, Yahweh.

    3. As we have “limited” control over tomorrow, but have control over today, and it’s current moment. Once you realize that God only gave the person absolute control over the current moment. As in the thoughts process the outcome of movement (will) (of instant decision making) to achieve proper momentum is to rest assured. The Lord Jesus Has tomorrow taken care of!

    4. The current friction is nothing compared to the hidden treasures that get extracted from the friction (God knows how to balance it so it doesn’t have to crush) of life is only going to produce hidden treasures that God Has to extract from us that otherwise wouldn’t come out unless the friction extracted them. “Getting stuck” only paves a way for one to seek a solution to a problem that needs fixing. The current difficulties are temporary, and show it is necessary to be thankful for the excellent! No matter how much it hurts, God knows how it feels to be on this earth, and He knows how to handle its battles. That is why one should seek Him, Yahweh! We can do it no matter what comes in the (Church or Christ Like Families/Person) way Through Christ!

    5. By: Getting rid of the “clunky obstacles.”

2. If we don’t get rid of the old ways, then how would the new ways happen, that is why it is so important to break bad habits, and establish new productive ways so businesses can advance!

3. Finally, people should always remember that their talented intellect is given by God.

That is how intellect is a given gift from God, Yahweh!



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