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Different levels of faith inside Christianity-Spectrum and that is fine as long as there is faith

Even as small as a mustard seed The Bible says!

Regarding, Why one should “respect” the “respects“ of the other person’s faith pertaining to the Lord of Lords and King of Kings! The God above all! The one true Messiah! This way we can all learn!

Even them that will different ideas, beliefs should know that the facts of freedom of religion, and speech. God gives each the choice to fight for what is right then “win” or be complacent and “loose.” The devil cannot force the ones fighting the good fight of faith into defeat because God won’t allow it! Though this world is fallen yet even in the “perceived” death for them in Christ there is “life,” because God already paid the price for us to have life. Even on Earth one can have the human right to choice and life. Despite the slavery that is masked up by the mirage pharaohs of this world, throughout history!-G.S.MinistrDefs-“The Bible says that He made the Earth for mankind!” “It also says the “The Earth is the footstool of the Lord Yahweh/Jesus!” “Though the devil proudly prowls, one still needs to stand, and stand against the system of the devil. Victory is for the real body of the church, and not the perceived illusions of this world, and its institutions. That is why reforms in renewing of mind is necessary. The Bible says even The Apostles teach in The Bible (as in PAUL teach these very things)!


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