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“A real integration has purpose of function that stays 'on'.” - G.S “How to integrate properly?”

First, realize that the systems around are of a complex manner, and need attention in “how” to incorporate another moving part into that already running system. The integration is “how” to utilize and move a part into a more advance integration that is why it is called a “process.” A system works in groups by design. For example, the solar system and the nature of earth has many things grouped together. The planets are spread apart and have moon(s) orbiting them in that group type. They have different types of matter and energy as the stars of the sky that works in groups that would cause the planet to be a planet or a star to be a sun. See, how things are integrated? They are grouped together, and then one group can work with another group as well as one individual can work with another based on the job they are intended to do together by the purpose set by function that comes from God. The animal kingdom is another great example of how this grouping system works as the saying goes “birds of the same feather flock together.” The lion kingdom as well has its grouping system called “prides.” Animals stretch, sleep, eat, migrate, move around, play with each other, and have emotions and have their group system as well as support systems to survive.

How to utilize and move a part into a more advanced integration?

The key is to be patient and know “how” to group together by way of “integration.” If the other groups are missing a “functional” “part” than somhing is left out and the tell is that there would be a malfunction in the operation of that system.

How integrated are things in the world around us?

If the trees of the earth are all gone then how can oxygen generate? If the rotations of the earth and its access don’t move around than how does the next thing come about in the allowed space of time? The key is to notice how specific functions work together.

~ G.S.MinistriesDevotional ~


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