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“A thing has to give off something in order to function or else it would explode or cease to exist.”

If a star didn’t give off its light there would be no light for the planets around it to use and the star would explode due to it being unable to give off its light.

One needs to feed themselves food by giving the food to its body and drinking water to survive.

One needs to give its car or any combustion engine petrol gas or it won’t run.

Other things on earth use other types of gases to function from off what is given off.

Electricity is given off to power electronics.

Business renders their services for commerce and exchange. (Farmers give crop for exchange for goods or other products.) (A cow gives off its milk and needs to be milked or else its not good for the cow.) (Business sells hence gives off its goods or services.)

(Concept of giving) It is best to study what the author of giving the Lord Jesus says about the laws of giving and receiving.

~ G.S

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