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Real or Gimmick?

One needs to make sure that the gimmick doesn’t interfere with the experience one should have with the real thing.

A gimmick is a thing that mimics the original thing by way of deception and it is a misrepresentation of the real thing and it even can disguise itself as the “real thing” when its “real” goal is to steal from the real experience one should have with the real thing.

For example, say one is enrolling in a program advertised on TV that he or she thinks would improve their life. The sales person portrays it in a way that looks good and even gets the emotions of the person hyped up. Then as they do what the program says they realize as they are doing it something big is missing. The program that we are talking about in this article is the way the world says one should live their life and then when that one tries it they feel all the negative feelings and even sometimes it can ruin one's life. That is a gimmick.

The thing to make sure of is which system one is in TRUTH or Gimmicks.

The truth on the other side is fulfilling and that is to do what the Lord Jesus says and His complete counsel that He wants His followers to take part in to advance life and to be apart of His system that is of excellence.


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