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The Hornet Knows How To Use Its God Given Defense.

Before Drive (Parked)

After Drive it walked and flew off.

One day when I went to my car there was a hornet on the crease of my window. I thought that when I would start to drive that it would just fly off but instead it walked slowly up to the center of the window and just stuck there. It did not fly off during the entire duration of the drive. At times it looked like it was losing its grip but it just held on. I thought when I got to the highway that the highway wind would cause it to blow off. To my surprise it made it to the destination and then flew off! It was like that hornet knew the Word Of God When He Says: “Stand firm knowing that I am with you.” Hornets as we all know have a stinger at its bottom to eject to defend itself against its opponents. It knows how to use its “sword” and its “shield” which are the word of God. It is amazing how everything knows how to operate, the way God intends it to (for the most part-excluding fallen angels), therefore pointing to the Word Of God. That hornet happened to know when it sticks on, and flights on the way God designed it would make it in life.

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