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What To Do When You Feel Surrounded By Negativity? How Do We Keep Our Own Minds and Spirits “Up” Dur

Whether it be around you, on the news, or an article you read, there always seems to be something negative. The question is “how do we keep our own minds and spirits UP during all sorts of pessimistic news?” It seems instead of people giving healthy advice they give pessimistic advice. Instead of people being helpful they put people down. The good news is there are a few that do show care and love because the ultimate person that does that is Jesus Christ. The Bible tells us to be of good cheer and to know that it’s only temporary. There is victory for those who belong and love Jesus, There is victory for those who love one another as the golden rule states. Don’t be a victim of pessimistic people; They are unfortunately all over. By pessimistic we mean people who are borderline wicked to being wicked. The Bible tells us that we will know them by their fruits. It is surprising to me to see the lack of love and the lack of helpfulness that is in our surroundings. God is a good God. He is the God of function. He encourages us to walk and function in love. We need to focus on love and hope. Instead of watching The news continuously we need to see what God wants. God wants us to have hope and love. To live a life to the fullist. To encourage and uplift one another. We need to share Bible verses, give words of encouragement, And proclaim the good news of Christ. We need to help address issues so we can see more clearly and live victorious lives. Above all acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. I understand we need to give healthy criticisms however is it balanced with encouragement? This world is biased however God is fair and just. He sees everything and nothing passes Him. He wants us to see it clearly and have hope. God makes all things right for those who trust in Him. 

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