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Don’t Get Frustrated Because Of Thoughts, Circumstances, and The World's Ways

Life can be very frustrating and people can be extremely pessimistic. In a world where only a few are supposed to make it and us being the rest of society are supposed to “drag along in mediocrity” in “their” system. In a world where communism is being “adopted.” However there is hope and good news. The good news is that there is a God who cares. He paid the price for the damage already. So why stay in a system of tyranny? The trick is to give and give love. If one is only taking, taking, and taking that one is going to struggle. The law of it is give and one will receive and possibly even more. One’s intention should be Love not just to give. If one gives without love it is pointless. When one gives they should not announce it to everyone. All these are laws that the Bible talks about. You may ask we are “not under the law?” Well there is the law of sowing and reaping. The law of gravity. The law of physics. See there are laws and yes one should follow them if they are wise. Thoughts in the mind and psychology can prohibit one from their destiny. That is why mind management and rest is important. Meditation on Scripture and walking is important. Praying and seeking what God wants for ones life is important. That is how one can get less frustrated, rise above the pessimism in the world, and live a better life.

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