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When a thing is in limbo; it means it’s time to refocus!

How to not keep losing out in life?

Realize: The earth is spinning on a tilt.

Unrighteous financial system, versus righteous giving; that if done properly renders a comeback.

Righteous Giving:

Gives to the needy first by supporting the unit around that God has given (The Family thus The Church).

Then it supports the surrounding community by enhancing its infrastructure.

That infrastructure creates an industry that then goes back to support the community and thus the world.

Unrighteousness is the opposite as it only takes, steals, and destroys as it is the devil’s attributes, and referred to as unrighteous mammon. The unrighteous mammon inhabitants should learn from the righteous giving ways. Thus returning from unrighteous mammon's evil stealing ways, and when they help the righteous people of God by giving into The Kingdom as the ways of the Word of The Living God.

Kingdom minded.

#Humor and calm 21-22


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