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What do people not understand about real authority as in Kingship or any type of leadership role?

The job of a king is to have mercy and proper judgment as in the way He or the roll is supposed to conduct that is to protect the territory no matter how big or small from demise. The ultimate example is The King of Kings and Lord of Lords The Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

It’s been (in times present and past) the brute dictation by the spirit of pride that is a illogical and illegitimate brute-ness that is sly and covert and it try’s to deceive and trick hence what the devil is. A constant angry spirit (the devil and its ways) is never going to innovate anything that is worthwhile as it takes the Might of Jesus Christ to innovate properly and He is The Prince of Peace. - REST
A wayward device is an analytical flaw: Loose media produce loose and toxic thoughts and dysfunction.

Productivity comes at rest.

Don’t waste your time on things that don’t matter!

~ G.S.MinistriesDevotional


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