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There is no need for a thing to stall while in rest waiting on God to service the world with His

Holy Angles and Flame of Fire! Holy Spirit Fire!

To be perfectly frank I see no pleasure in a fallen world!

A world that is as a mist waiting for the great day Jesus talks about in Revelation!

Seek oh Seek that which is real in life!

If any man hath an ear let him hear! If any man hath eyes of understanding let them see!



Some may find it hard to comprehend, but I find pain and sin in death hard to comprehend. I find destruction that came from the devil and its darkness a thing disgusting. I find the weak flesh desires disgusting as it leads to destruction. I don’t understand what the world sees in sin! It’s like someone boasting that they have a malignant disease in pain. I find decay that came from the devil hard to comprehend.

Thank God for Jesus and His redemption and mercy from the snare of the devil and its veil of deception that can be removed and truth seen! Amen.


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