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Rather learn from it for the benefit of life.

Don’t get captured by the movie rather learn from it for the benefit of life.

In order to have a proper revival here is an example:

If one takes part in observing a movie on TV or by the way of the internet streaming. They should learn not to be influenced by it right away as it is written by people with their own opinions. Rather, learn from the actors and plot of its particular story to learn from the plot and only of Truth when applied to the real life to enhance. Too many people live negative lives thinking that: “Ah the movie ended up that way.” In reality those movie writers, and actors are probably living very wealthy lives with "rich" relations.

Why should we be any less in living a life of proper dignity? Why some are allowed to do freedom and some no? This is being used as an example the movie industry, but it really spreads to all industries. Real talent in truth should not be overlooked and worldly judging by way of inaccuracy should be stopped.

# time for revival in Truth


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