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How To Try And Make Sense Of Things Example

How does one “time” something by taking “their time” when the devil aka enemy attempts to stall, and thwart a thing? How to take the “proper length of time?”-Answer is simple follow your gut instinct and read this post:

How to rest overwhelm? by first being at rest with yourself.

Give yourself a chance you deserve it!

1. Once a person feels like they are overwhelmed hence either overlooked, overthinking, or overworked then an assessment has to take place to reassess.

2. Read the book of Ecclesiastes

3. Study Proverbs

4. Pray, and ask God for direction

5. Rest according to the Scripture (Bible)

Change Is The Thing To Cope With How to Cope?

How to operate through the weather’s environment that is temperamental and changing? How to deal with change?

1. Know that the current is dynamic and how to surf it with the certainty of the Scriptures.

2. Know the slyness or thing that hinders to thwart a thing of its path. (Enemies aka devil)

3. Then heartaches can be avoided, and at least mended long term.


  • Sometimes a “no to something bad or unhealthy” will render the “yes to the something successful of Godly matter.”

  • Then to have a goodly, and Godly plan is as a weapon to conquer over procrastination a thing that hinders.

  • The lack of production is to overdue its stress, whereas proper rest fuels production.

  • Almighty God, The Lord Jesus is the way the truth, the Life, and no one can come unto the Father except through Him the Scriptures teach, therefore He is the only one who can really solve anything.

So That

Decision making tactics through wisdom; then apply to life will render Godly success...

The meaning of currency is also a relationship.

Healthy relationships render positive fruits as a seed germinates in the soil, growing a healthy relationship, it will then do the same, and bear good fruits. Life is about relationships whether it’s between the seed and the soil, or ozone and the atmosphere, or a person’s relationship. They are all relationships. The meaning of currency is also a relationship.

As in the moon effects the currents of the tide. So should proper currents effect the product of what it is affiliated with hence cause and effect.


What did the mask say to the muzzle? Muzzle off muzz!

Why do they make it so complicated when it is a simple matter?


Simply put, either it is, or it is not doing what it’s purpose to do, by the way it was intended.

For example,

To cover true colors is as deception, but if a contraption is needed to protect what is inhaled because of debris then a scientifically backed assessment with its specs is needed.


Everything is based out of relationships science shows, proving isolation and certain masks (muzzles) are unscientific, and anti-science.


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