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Hold every thought captive and align it with the Word of God! Yahweh!

There is no need to let the devices around that are designed to split a thing from its function, function. In other words no need to let the opponent steal the ball from the other team. Win over them devices and snares that the deceiver Satan and its demented system lie. (The devil’s system always has a counter argument to the truths.) When the foes as in darkness tries to do the worse, antagonizers cause whiplash, but God will always prevail for those in Him. Christ conquered over the whiplash that the devil originally ensnared Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He conquered the devil on The Cross! Christ paid the price! Believe and have faith today!


Life is important to God! He is a wonder worker! Praise Yahweh! There is no place for shame when one is seeking the Lord in His righteous and proper ways!


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