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Fate?, Destiny?, Learn from History (Past)!

  • There are two ways to live life these days either, oh, oh, or let’s make the most of it. Which way will you choose today?

  • If you can take charge of your psychology (through the way of Christ) then the mindset is right and finances and relationships can be managed properly.

  • The central banks don’t need to control our psychology, mindsets, and life because Jesus offers another way to live and that is called the narrow path of life.

  • Apply the biblical principles of giving as to give (observe statutes The Holy Word of God shows us) that renders a return in getting. A proper seed planted when it is fertilized it germinates and grows into a plant producing a good harvest. What has to happen first is a sacrifice by sowing as in waiting for the seed to grow, and the plant to develop. Along the way comes the storms, rain, and sun all testing its growth process ability. Without the friction it would never grow and if it doesn’t perceiver it wouldn’t grow. It has to endure in the way it was intended to.

  • We are not in control of what happens throughout time, but have the ability to learn how to respond and then grow through what happens.

~ G.S.Ministries ~


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