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“Appreciate God and His mercies; learn how warfare is and what freedom is through Christ.” - G.S

Warfare Example: 

A thing of a devilish matter tends to try to interfere with a righteous matter, and person of faith by the chit chat tactic of guilt and fear mongering, that is of a false matter. The devil is a liar and loser. 


An innovative career is just that “innovative.” It’s not driven by the plot of manipulation by way of current(cy) situation. 


Feelings of insecurity that comes from fear a false feeling that the devil imposes, but its timid spirit is of wobble that doesn’t need to be accepted rather one should discard the timidity from the lier the devil.


Release to God rather than letting go as letting go can be as a matter of quitting but keeping on a matter of  #perseverance Finally  Take control of the subconscious by way of relaxed state in the security of the Lord’s truth in #love


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