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Anything that is naturally aspired is authentically done through the gifts and talents Jesus

authorizes one with in The Authority He gave.

Christ is the ultimate Minister that Ministers to the minister.

~ G.S

Whats the point is often asked about this current life situation?

Christ gave a moment for a thing to choose its path that it wants to follow. Either it choses temporary discomfort or annihilation afterwards or it repents and chooses to listen to authentic ways of God and that is the narrow path.

The world is wrong in saying that Christians are “overdoing it” because just look around you and see how much their machine is giving their agenda down our throats! Enough is enough and let us stand our ground and fight the good fight of faith and understand the authentic vs the pretenders.

The point is the thing that any person or thing make it out to be in their way that is why the point needs to be authentic and genuine and there is no mistake in it because the true intent of anything always comes out if not immediately then thereafter.


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