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The war on truth and what to do about it?

“Remember truth is love so if someone is walking in truth on earth and has a minor thing not perfectly explained or something, that doesn’t mean that one is not in truth because if one is in truth love will manifest.” - G.S.Ministries “When one cuts the root of negativity then joy from The Lord comes.” - G.S “Cut the root of negativity by yielding to the Lord Yeshua/Jesus.” - G.S

“Atonement a form of repentance by changing from a sin mind to a renewed mind that the Scriptures talk about.” - G.S.Ministries

Examples of the process in renewing the mind also ways of worship:




And a form of submission to

The Lord Jesus

To Understand A Thing Comes From The Lord

#transformation by the renewing of mind 20-21

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