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“Fibonacci Retracement” and thumb print as an example of why we quote and reread the Holy Scriptures

A Fibonacci Retracement is a form of technical analysis primarily used in charts and graphs. It resembles the thumb print of a human in how you see “retracements” circles identifying the person. God made things this way. The tree circles or rings when cut down to see its age as another example. It is normal for things to retrace to check out and prove to God that it understands its function. The same is true with any form of understanding or discovering for God has everything here on earth and in general in this phase here on earth the question is “Are you going to do what I designed you for?” See God is a designer but also a person with feelings. God is like us that actually have feelings and care about what He wants and not caring about the other false distractions. It is normal for the circle of life that God has to check out. A seashell also has retracements showing how God has everything in orbit. God created each and every one of us with a learning curb the question is how are we going to use it. The Lord gave each one the ability to do something the question is how are we going to do it. In regards to studying the Scriptures or any subject for that matter is to reread and relearn hence doing and figuring out what the Almighty really wants. God bless and keep on learning and understanding the Holy Scriptures and realize the importance of the rereading and re-understanding of things to ultimately excel and do what God designed you, it, what to do as how God designed everything.

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