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What exactly is the heresy in religion and deception? What Living In God’s Grace Really Means?

What exactly is the heresy in religion and deception? The heresy that is ruining people and society is that the heretics believe there is no sin or that mankind can “be” whatever they want or whoever they want. The heretics believe that one can keep sinning and do whatever and under “grace” they will be fine. Living under God’s grace means that one will sin less to none; walking in God’s grace. Grace means that God when He went to the cross—shed His blood—conquered the devil—and sin—rose from the dead—which in return can give one the ability to go directly to God in prayer. God gives THE HOLY SPIRIT TO HIS CHURCH AND WHEN ONE WALKS IN HIS SPIRIT THEY DON’T SIN. The heretics dismiss the ability of God, and the Holy Spirit, essentially make it seem like people are gods when people are mortal. Living in Grace means one when they TRUST and OBEAY God they will sin less to none. Our Lord Jesus has made it possible to have abundant life ultimately eternal life with HIM. All one has to do is believe and trust in Jesus as their Savior.  Living under grace or living under the law which one are you living under? The law is a bunch of rules and regulations that one has to fulfill in there own strength. The law of the Old Testament still exists however Christ has already fulfilled the law and those who trust in Him have the ability to walk in HIS GRACE. 

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