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How to deal with jealous people? Here is an example from the Bible — Leave it to God and do nothing!

I will reference to my past blog about Daniel in the Bible, as an example in this blog. In Daniel's case the “wise” men seemed eager to find fault in Daniel but they could not. What did they do instead? They went and tricked King Darius into a law that could not be changed (to throw a person into a lions den that doesn't worship the king). That would potentially back fire on Darius and Daniel. They did that out of jealousy that Daniel was special and they wanted his position. What did Daniel and Darius do in this case? They believed and trusted in God that God would deliver Daniel out of the lions Den. Of course God shut the mouths of the lions and Daniel was saved. Instead the “wise” men and their families were thrown into the lions den in Daniel's place and the lions devoured them. God sees and He is just that is the bottom line. Always do what is right even if there is a jealous person that is hindering you. That is what I do when a jealous person is hindering me. God has His own ways in each circumstance to deal with the jealous hindering person or any person hindering through sin. Jealousy is a sin. Obviously jealousy is a silly thing. We should all be happy in who we are and not envy. We should instead encourage and help one another. — G.S

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