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Update: My view on social media; first few months of using this blog.

I believe in general social media is a good tool. After all social media can play a roll in uniting us together.

I however, prefer, not to use the popular social media sites as my personal preference for blogging and ministry at least for now. Social media is an excellent tool and used wisely can reap great benefits. The goal is to encourage one another in Christ and build one another up. This website blog works better for me personally, and is more suitable for encouraging us in Christ. Using a website I found is more beneficial to all viewing especially for ministry purposes. My goal is encouragement in Christ, and giving the hope of Jesus.

As for the few months this blog has been open I feel that it has had a great start.

A little bit of my background: I always felt God has a calling on my life since I was in first grade for ministry. In first grade I used to encourage my class mates in Christ, all the way up till now. I would hold Bible studies, encourage class mates that wanted to accept Christ as Savior, and hand out encouraging messages that I would write like this blog. I also would help encourage younger guys like me that were a few years younger than me by giving them the hope of Jesus. I believe many accepted Christ as Savior praise God!

My goal is to continue to develop this blog ~ ministry and to do more as the Lord Jesus leads. The goal also is also to expand: videos, log in material, and eventually music. I hope you feel encouraged so far by the blog ~ ministry posts. If you are a Christian and have discovered this blog please keep it in prayer as it strives to encourage and bring hope to all that need it.

God Bless and in prayer!

~George Saghbini

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